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Fellowship Opportunities

Feodor-Lynen and DFG fellowships

As a former Humboldt fellow, I am eligible to host Feodor-Lynen fellows from Germany sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to work in my group. I would be delighted to discuss opportunities with students and postdocs interested in the research here, as well as assist in the writing of a proposal. It goes without saying that if students have their own support from the Deutscheforschungsgemeinschaft or other funding agency, I would be similarly interested to discuss possibilities. I have hosted two DFG and two Feodor-Lynen fellows, all of whom were quite successful.

If students or postdocs would like to work in my group and have other funding sources to which they would like to write a proposal, I would be happy to discuss the matter. One good source of funding is the Fulbright Visiting Scholar program. I have hosted two very successful Fulbright scholars.

I generally have funding of my own for students and postdocs. Please look here for current openings.

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