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You must bring writing instruments and a UF ID card with a photo for all tests and the final. All necessary paper will be provided, and calculators will not be necessary, but are allowed. You can bring one handwritten 8 1/2" x 11" formula sheet with anything written on one side (midterm) or two sides (final). Cell phones are not allowed. The exams will generally cover material from the lectures (including demonstrations) in a manner similar to the homework problems. Any material in the assigned chapters is fair game, however.

Test schedule

In-class midterm: NPB 1002, Thursday, October 13
Final: Thursday, December 15, 10:00am - 12:00pm, In-class NPB 1002

Midterm Resources

Midterm practice exam (F15)
F15 midterm solution
F15 midterm essay grading remarks

Some math and physics equations from 1st half of course

Midterm Results

Midterm multiple choice/short answer solutions
Midterm essay remarks

Mean = 75 Standard Deviation = 9

Final Exam Resources

Practice final exam (F15)

Practice final exam solutions (F15)

Final exam Results

Mean = 77 Standard Deviation = 11

Multiple choice/short answer solutions

Essay grading remarks

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