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  • HW 8 due date postponed to Dec. 3.

  • Final exam Dec. 15 10am-noon.

  • Final exam review in-class Dec. 8, during day on Dec. 13 (time, place tba).

  • Xuce Niu office hour 9:30am Thursday 2062 NPB. Note change of office as of 10/13. Please email him Wednesday night if you plan to attend.

  • Class meets in-person 7th period MWF 1:55pm in NPB 1011. 1st meeting: Monday, August 23 2021
  • Course covers advanced classical mechanics including Hamilton's equations, rotation of rigid bodies, scattering theory, special relativity, chaos theory

  • More info including schedule available at Syllabus and links above.
  • Please read U. FLORIDA CURRENT COVID-19 POLICY AS OF 8/20/21
  • Florida Covid-19 data Oct. 23



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