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  • Final review Monday 12/12 at 6pm in NPB 2205. Be there. Aloha.

  • Final exam in-class Dec. 14 10am-12noon. Coverage 2/5 T1 material, 2/5 T2 material, 1/5 Ch. 16 material. Three formula sheets, hand-written, front-back allowed.

  • Test 2 solutions posted.

  • HW7 solutions posted. HW8 due Dec. 7.

  • Lectures currently NOT being recorded as of 10/24. If you know you will be out sick for longer period with COVID or other, let me know. For days when lectures are recorded, use this zoom link

  • PH regular office hours Tuesday 4pm, Wednesday 4pm NPB 2156

  • Chao Zhang (grader) office hours Monday 5pm-6pm NPB 2042

  • Notes, HW accessible with pwd, announced in class.

  • Course meets M,W,F | Period 7 (1:55 PM - 2:45 PM) NPB 1101

  • Course covers advanced classical mechanics including Hamilton's equations, rotation of rigid bodies, scattering theory, special relativity, chaos theory

  • More info including schedule available at Syllabus and links above.



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