PHZ7427--Spring 1999

Introductory remarks on PHZ7427, Solid State II

In the past this title and number has been assigned to a many-body physics course. HOWEVER THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. Following the recommendations of the Grad. Curriculum Committee, which consulted with the faculty at large last year, this course will now be taught every year as a general 2nd semester follow-on to PHZ6426, Solid State I. It is supposed to cover many of the topics roughly corresponding to the 2nd half of Ashcroft & Mermin, including magnetism, superconductivity, e-ph interaction, etc. at an introductory level. Some 2nd quantization will be introduced, but Green's functions and field theory techniques will be avoided. Here is a preliminary series of topics I will cover

Requirements will include roughly 5-6 problem sets, a midterm and a final. There is no required text, but Ashcroft & Mermin, Solid State Physics and Kittel, Quantum Theory of Solids (the small paperback) are recommended.

According to the new curriculum, Solid State II is now "strongly recommended" for all condensed matter graduate students.