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  • HW6 posted, due Apr. 20.

  • Journal club schedule posted on homework page.

  • Jclub presentations Apr. 14 (1pm: Ammar,Zhenfei); Apr. 16 (3pm: Andrew), Apr. 21 (1pm: Mainak, Yifu)

  • Zoom meetings at https://zoom.us/j/6995993190

  • Supplementary lectures begin May 1 (Topological matter, roughly 2 wks.)

  • Course covers physics of emergent phenomena, symmetry breaking, topological matter. Introduction to phase transitions and the renormalization group.

  • Professor: Peter Hirschfeld, research interests in superconductivity and low temperature physics

    • No required text; some texts may be useful (see syllabus), but course will be taught from notes.

  • More info available from tentative syllabus and links above.



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