High Energy Theory Faculty
Broyles Photo
Emeritus Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., Yale, 1949)

Research: Statistical Physics and Quantum Electrodynamics.
Arthur Broyles

Field Photo
Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1971)

Research: High energy elementary particle theory and phenomenology. The extraction of measurable predictions from the Quantum Chromodynamic Theory (QCD) of quarks and gluons and the comparison with experiments. Perturbative QCD and high energy collider event simulation and phenomenology.
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Rick Field

Matchev Photo
Assistant Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1997)

Research: Particle and astroparticle phenomenology.
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Qiu Photo
Associate Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., Chicago, 1986)

Research: Quantum field theory; (super) string theory, its mathematical structure and physical contents; conformal field theory and critical phenomena.
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Zongan Qiu

Ramond Photo
Professor of Physics
(Ph.D. Syracuse, 1969)

Research: Superstring theory applied to the Standard Model, Yukawa couplings, neutrino masses, grand unification, supersymmetric cosmology.
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Pierre Ramond

Sikivie Photo
Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., Yale, 1975)

Research: Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology, with particular interest on the Axion and other cold dark matter particles.
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Pierre Sikivie

Thorn Photo
Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1971)

Research: Quantum Field Theory, Theory of Relativistic Strings, exploration of the mathematical structure of these theories and their potential use in developing a theory unifying the fundamental forces.
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Charles Thorn

Woodard Photo
Professor of Physics
(Ph.D., Harvard, 1984)

Research: Quantum gravity in the larger context of Lagrangian field theory and particle physics.
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Richard Woodard

P. Ramond, January 7, 2004.