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The University of Florida High Energy Theory (HET) Group consists of five Professors (R. Field, P. Ramond, P. Sikivie, C. Thorn, R. Woodard), an Emeritus Professor (A. Broyles), one Associate Professor (Z. Qiu), and one Assistant Professor (Konstantin Matchev), within the Department of Physics. At present there are four postdoctoral research associates (Andreas Birkedal, Xingang Chen, Asesh Datta and Lisa Everett) and twelve graduate students (Sudarshan Ananth, Alberto Cruz, Leanne Duffy, Craig Group, Skuli Gudmundsson, Amas Khan, Kyungwook Kim, Kyongchul Kong, Aravind Natarajan, Marc Soussa, Taku Watanabe, Xuan Zhang) working with the group. The research of the group covers a broad range of topics in elementary particle physics including both theory and phenomenology. The HET faculty are also members of the Institute for Fundamental Theory (IFT) and work closely with the University of Florida High Energy Experimental (HEE) Group. In addition, group members collaborate with high energy physics (HEP) researchers at the National Laboratories and at other major universities. The University of Florida High Energy Physics Seminar is normally held at 2:00 pm on Tuesday and 12:40 pm on Friday in 2165 New Physics Building. Yvonne Dixon is the HET Group secretary.

High Energy Theory Secretary
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Contact Information:
  • Office: 2053 New Physics Building (NPB)
  • Phone: (352)-392-5707
  • Fax: (352)-392-8743
Yvonne Dixon

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P. Ramond, January 7, 2004