R. D. Field Recent Publications
B-Physics WEBsite The Sources of b-Quarks at the Tevatron and their Correlations (WEBsite)
Charged Jet WEBsite Charged Jet Evolution and the Underlying Event in Proton-Antiproton Collisions (WEBsite)
Using Collider Event Topology in the Search for the Six-Jet Decay of Top Quark-Antiquark Pairs (Abstract)
Spin Dependent Drell-Yan in QCD to Order Alpha-strong Squared: The Non-Singlet Sector (Abstract)
A Topological Analysis of the Top Quark Signal and Background at Hadron Colliders (Abstract)
Using Neural Networks to Enhance the Higgs Boson Signal at Hadron Colliders (Abstract)
Enhancing the Heavy Higgs to WW Signal at Hadron-Hadron Colliders (Abstract)
Enhancing the Heavy Higgs Signal with Jet-Jet Profile Cuts (Abstract)