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Charged particle distribution in the radial distance R in eta-phi space from chgjet1 (leading charged jet) for charged particles with PT > 0.5 GeV/c and |eta| < 1 when PTJ1 > 5 and 30 GeV/c. The points are <Nchg> in a 0.02 bin. The PTJ1 > 5 GeV/c points are Min-Bias data and the PTJ1 > 30 GeV/c points are JET20 data. The data are compared with the QCD Monte-Carlo model predictions of HERWIG 5.9, ISAJET 7.32, and PYTHIA 6.115, with their default parameters and PT(hard) > 3 GeV/c. The Monte-Carlo model predictions have been corrected for the CTC track finding efficiency (8% of the charged tracks are, on the average, removed) and have an uncertainty (statistical plus systematic) of about 5%. For an average charged jet with PTJ1 > 5 GeV/c (> 30 GeV/c), 80% of the charged particles lie within R = 0.44 (0.38) as marked by the arrows. (Return)