Higgs and SuperSymmetry:
Search & Discovery

University of Florida
March 8-11, 1999

Scientific Program: The scientific program consists of 16 plenary speakers (40 min plus 5 min discussion) and roughly 58 parallel talks. The plenary talks are organized according to a two-dimensional grid (click to see the grid). The y-axis correcsponds to: Theory (7 talks), Tevatron (2 talks), LEP (2 talks), HERA (1 talk), LHC (2 talks), NLC (1 talk), Non-Accelerator (1 talk). Along the x-axis are the subjects: Higgs (past & future), SUGRA (past & future), Beyond MSSM (past & future), GMSB (past & future). The plenary speakers will cover the x-axis topics. The parallel session will consist of Mini-Reviews of more than one experiment (30 min plus 5 min discussion) and talks that focus on individual research or one experiment (20 min plus 5 min discussion) (click for alphabetical list of speakers).
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R. Field - January 12, 1998