This is a sample electronic lecture or worksheet. We have chosen optics as a subject because we feel that it is most accessible to a wide audience from the elementary school level to the college level. Because of its graphic nature, it is easy to visualize and ideally suited for the World Wide Web. There is also a do-it-yourself laboratory experiment, which covers the same material as this worksheet.

Although the internet greatly enhances the availablility and accessibility of this material, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned work in learning the material. When you go through the lecture take time to make some notes. Have some blank paper, a pencil, and a ruler handy because you will be asked to do some exercises. Also, when I ask a question, stop and think about it before you go onto the next page.

Enjoy! Please send any questions or comments to me at the address shown below.

To see the evolution of this web material into a multimedia course go to the PHY3054 Home Page.

You may also download a zipped archive of these files.

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