MWF 12:50 pm – 1:35 pm (periods 6), in NPB 1216


Sergei Obukhov NPB 2164; Tel: 392-8752; Email:sergei at phys dot ufl dot edu


WF  1:55-2.45 pm (period 7) in NPB 2164, or by appointment.


Introduction to Optics, 3rd ed, Pedrotti, Pedrotti & Pedrotti (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007) ISBN 0-13-149933-5.


PHY 3221 - Classical Mechanics 1
PHY 3321 - Electromagnetism 1
See additional comments and references in reading


The course will be given as a thorough introduction to the field of optics and its modern applications. The three main areas of importance will be phenomena arising from properties of the Electromagnetic Field, the interaction of radiation with physical materials and the characteristics of new devices utilizing these phenomena and/or materials. Opportunity will also arise to show that current research still takes place in these areas of physics. The course is expected to rely heavily on the prescribed text, complimented by extra notes and other available materials. The books listed here constitute a sound body of recommended reading. The indicated prerequisite material will basically be assumed. In particular, a sound knowledge of vector calculus, complex numbers, matrices, differential equations and special functions will be most advantageous.


Homework is work you do at home (or, at least, outside the class) whether assigned by me or assigned by yourself. Either way, for the course to be effective, it has to be done, but the long-term benefits are significantly better if you are self-motivated in the work you do.


  • Attend and participate fully in class
  • Solve relevant, interesting and hard problems
  • Choose an inspiring project and start work on it early


Course grades will be based on an assessment of classroom participation and homework (25%), one early test, with some emphasis on background material (25%), written and oral presentation on a chosen project midway through the semester (25%), and a 2 hour written exam (25%), currently scheduled for 12.30 December 13.