Written reports should be about 10 pages long.  Plan on 15 minutes for your oral presentation.  This should not be just a show and tell, nor the result of reading from a single source, and you may indeed find it helpful to consult an authoritative, technical article.  You will be required to present your topic in a way that you understand, and not focussed entirely on detail, to an audience essentially unfamiliar with the technical aspects of your topic.

Previous projects, Fall 2011

Transformation optics, super and hyper lens 
Beating the optical limit  

Optical Techniques used in GTC-Gran telescopie Calarias Sanchez

Ground Based vs airbased telescopes.
Negative index of refraction (Metamaterials)

Suggested topics

Optical Instrumentation
Fiber Optics
Matrix methods in Paraxial Optics
Optics of the Eye
Aberration Theory
Fourier Optics
Fresnel Equations
Nonlinear optics and the Modulation of Light
Optical Properties of Materials
Adaptive optics
Breaking the optical resolution limit
Quantum effects optics
Aperture made from scatterers
Synthesized apertures
Ground based vs Space based astronomy
Interaction free measurements
Selected Modern Applications

Other available topics

Black Body
Anything what you find interesting

(in a class of Spring 2010)
Solar Power Satellites  XXXXXXXX
Photodynamic Therapy   YYYYYYYYY
Working with Optical Cavities   ZZZZZZZZZ
Theory of Multilayer Films   VVVVVVVV
Fiber Optics or Fourier Optics    WWWWW
Weather Radar   UUUUUUU
Light Scattering by Small Particles  TTTTTTTT

Projects taken by students during Spring 2011 semester
Student AAAAA   Ground based and Space based telescopes  
Sudent BBBBBBB  Ground based and Space based telescopes  
Srudent CCCCCCCC Adaptive Optics How we defeated Earths atmosphere
Student DDDD  Taking the twinkle out of the Star
Studetn EEEEEE  Breaking the Optical Resolution Limit  
Student FFFFFFF  Dynamic Holography
Student HHHHHH  Optical Coherence
Student IIIIII  Theory and Applications of Radars 11-Apr Studetn JJJJJJJ   How does interferometer measures gravitational waves (Thermal effects)  
Student KKKKK Near Field Microscopy
Student LLLLLLLLL Optics of the Eye
Student MMMMMMM Nonlinear Optics
Student NNNNNNN Bracketing? high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR)