Distinguished Professor of Physics

Department of Physics, University of Florida.

Licencié en Sciences Physiques, Université de Liège, Belgium.

Ph.D. 1975, Yale University, USA.

Research Interests: particle physics and cosmology, axion physics, Casimir forces, galactic halo formation, dark matter searches

Email address: sikivie@phys.ufl.edu

Mailing Address: Physics Department, University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611

Office: 2063 New Physics Building

Phone: (352) 392 1923

FAX: (352) 392 8743

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

BioSketch (pdf)

IRAS maps of the Galactic plane showing a triangular feature.

Gaia skymap of the Milky Way showing two triangular features at nearly symmetric locations with respect to the galactic center.

Talk (pdf)

Beijing online seminar (April 15, 2021) (pdf)

Interview by David Zierler, Oral Historian of the American Institute of Physics (pdf)

Fortran codes to simulate axially symmetric reentrant cavites

relax2a2.f for empty cylinder.

relax2a6.f for cylinder with simple post.

relax2a7.f for cylinder with post and disk.

relax2a8.f for cylinder with post and stub.

relax2a9.f for cylinder with two posts, one on the left and one on the right.

relax2a10.f for cylinder with hollow post.

relax2a11.f for cylinder with two concentric, hollow posts.