Meeting Times:  MWF  (6th)  12:50-1:40 AM

Location:  NPB 1216

INSTRUCTOR: Professor Chris Stanton
PHONE: 392-8753
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OFFICE HOURS:  MW 1:50 - 2:40  or by appointment.

(We have two graders.  Please contact the correct one for a given homework set if you have questions.)

Yonghan Wu, NPB 1224,
Office Hour:  Tuesday 10:00-11:00 AM.
phone: 392-9818

Neha Rawal, NPB 1228,
phone:  392-1668

Late Penalty: 20% after due date (within 3 days); 50% after 3 days and within 1 week.   No points after 1 week.

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Announcements will be posted here.  Check back often for updates.

The first Midterm EXAM (take-home) is now online.  It is due on Monday, Oct. 21, no later than 6 PM. You can use only your book, notes, the course web site and the instructor.  

There will be NO Class on Fri., Oct. 25 (I will be at Virginia Tech.)  The Make-up will be Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 5:10 PM in room NPB 2165.

HW 6 is online now.  Due Weds. Oct. 30.

Solutions to HW 5 are now online.

Course: This course will cover the basics of optics.  We will cover:  the electromagnetic basis of optics, geometrical optics, and physical optics. If time permits, an introduction to modern/quantum optics will also be provided. A one semester course in Electromagnetic Fields and Waves is a prerequisite for this course.

 The required text for this course is: Optics, by Miles Klein and Thomas Furtak, J. Wiley, 2nd Edition, (1986).  A good supplemental text is: Optics, by E. Hecht, 5th Edition, (2016).  An electronic version can be purchased at:
Another supplemental text is:  Introduction to Optics  by Perdrotti.

Grading: Your grade will be based on homework assignments (30%) and two open book exams (30% each) and in-class participation (10%)..  There will be no final exam. You are allowed to work with other students on the homework problems, but must acknowledge this in your write-up. Your grade will be determined by this score.  I will give you feedback after each mid-term exam that should help you determine how you are doing in the class.  Final letter grades will be assigned based on the distribution of grades at the end of class. 

Final Exam:  Their will be two during term exams for this class.  There  will be NO FINAL EXAM.

Academic Honesty: All UF students are required to abide by the University's Academic Honesty Guidelines and by the Honor Code. This includes not only not  cheating, but also a variety of other offenses.


Please review the University Policies on Academic Honesty, and helpful links are: