Kirchoff's Laws (12:29)

Kirchoff's rules for analyzing circuits

Series and Parallel Circuits (18:29)

Application of Kirchoff's rules to find the equivalent resistance of resistors in series or in parallel

Power in Series and Parallel (16:16)

Demonstration of the power in illuminating and edible resistors in series and in parallel, followed by circuit analysis

Measuring Voltage and Currents (8:23)

Overview and use of several electrical measuring instruments, including an example of a voltage divider

Multi-Loop Circuits (16:22)

Strategy to solve multiloop circuits followed by an example

Capacitors in Parallel (8:05)

The effective capacitance of capacitors in parallel

Capacitors in Series (7:01)

The effective capacitance of capacitors in series

Resistor-Capacitor Circuits (26:21)

An analysis of circuits containing resistors and capacitors, and the transient processes of charging and discharging a capacitor.

RC circuit demo (8:20)

Demonstration with an electrical circuit of the solutions to the potential and current in an RC circuit