Induction and EM Waves

Motional Emf (10:46)

Moving a conducting bar through an external magnetic field induces an emf between two sides of the bar.

9.1b Motional Emf in Circuits (16:42)

Overview of the conditions for which a conducting loop may generate a current, as well as the resulting forces acting on this loop from the magnetic field and power dissipated by the loop.

Magnetic Flux and Faraday's Law (9:18)

Defining Flux and the relationship between a changing flux and current through a loop

Lenz's Law (16:48)

A qualitative determination of the direction of induced current due to changing magnetic fields using the right hand rule.

Eddy Currents (8:29)

Description of eddy currents and magnetic braking, including a demonstration

Electromagnetic Waves (14:01)

Description of Electromagnetic Waves and determining the direction of propagation from the polarization of the E and B fields.

Polarization (13:40)

Determining the change in intensity and the orientation of the E fields as unpolarized light travels through polarizing filters.