Magnetic Forces

Magnetism (13:08)

Introduction to magnetic force and magnetic field

Magnetic Forces on Charged Particles (22:35)

Calculating the force on moving charges traveling through an external magnetic field.

Magnetic Forces and Circular Motion Demo (10:31)

A Glowscript visualization of the forces acting on charged particles traveling through a magnetic field

Magnetic Forces and Circular Motion Analysis (7:40)

An analysis of circular motion for a charge moving in a magnetic field.

Particle Accelerators (8:13)

Example of circular motion in circular particle storage rings

Magnetic Forces on Current-Carrying Wires (7:39)

Examining the forces acting on current-carrying wires due to external magnetic fields.

Magnetic Forces on Two Current-Carrying Wires in Parallel (12:42)

Determining the magnetic force acting on a current-carrying wire due to the magnetic field produced by the currents in a second wire nearby.

Torques on Current Carrying Loops (15:56)

Analysis and Demonstrations for the torque exerted on a loop about a central axis due to an external magnetic field

Motors (3:30)

Explanation and demonstration of how a DC motor works

Charged Matter and Their Interactions: A Summary (6:54)

A review of how charged objects create electric and magnetic fields, and those fields affect other charges in the surroundings.