Ray Optics

Nature of Light (6:32)

Concept of geometric optics, which replaces EM wave solutions with just their directionality (wavenumber k)

Reflection and Refraction (23:20)

Introduction to the laws of reflection and refraction (Snell's Law) including a demonstration of refraction and its explanation as a change in the speed of light in matter

Total Internal Refraction and Fiber Optics (23:40)

Phenomenon of total internal reflection explained in terms of refraction, with discussion and demonstration of optical fibers and mirages

Polarization by Reflection (15:00)

Phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering of light, and the polarization of light by reflection including Brewster's angle

Image Formation (7:16)

Introduction to the formation of images

Thin Lenses (12:34)

Images for convex and concave thin lenses and the lensmakers' equation, with example

Spherical Mirrors (19:58)

Images for convex and concave spherical mirrors and conventions on focal lengths

Magnification (5:56)

Definition of image magnification and determination from object and image distances

Mirror/Lens Equation (11:26)

Relationship between object and image distance for spherical mirrors with example