PHY 4324

Electromagnetism 2 - Fall 2021

This course is the second semester of electricity and magnetism at the undergraduate physics level. Time enters the theory of electromagnetic fields and we arrive at Maxwell's equations, the complete classical theory of electromagnetism. The arrival happens pretty early in the term, and the bulk of our work will be to study electromagnetic waves and radiation.


HW 7 is here. Due on Canvas, Wednesday, December 1 at 10:00 pm.
HW 8 will be available 
December 1 and due December 8. No extension!

Final exam: Wednesday, December 15, 3-5 pm. Location: NPB 1002. Half of the test covers chapter 11 and half chapters 7 through 10. Formula sheets (front and  back of two pieces of paper) are allowed. Just in case, bring a calculator.


Course Number: PHY 4324
Class number: 18513  
Credits: 3
Class Time and place: MWF 5th (11:45-12:35)  in NPB 1002
Final exam time: 3:00–5:00, Wednesday, December 15 in NPB 1002

Instructor: David Tanner
Office: 2372 NPB; Phone: (352) 392-4718
Office hours: Tuesdays 4:05-5:00 and Wednesdays 12:50-1:40
Office hours are in 2372 NPB or Zoom

Homework and solutions:  HW1 Sol1 HW2 Sol2 HW3 Sol3  HW4 Sol4 HW5 Sol5 HW6 Sol6

Textbook and other reading: 

Text: Introduction to Electrodynamics, (Fourth Edition) by David J. Griffiths 

Another  useful text is Classical Electromagnetic Radiation, Jerry B. Marion (1965).  There is a revised 3rd edition  by  Mark A. Heald and Jerry B. Marion. This book is at the same level (more or less) as Griffiths. I'll use it occasionally for lecture material. It appears that it can be downloaded as a pdf. Cheap used copies are available. In addition, reading Feynman's lectures is always valuable.

For a book about electromagnetic waves and optics, you cannot do better than the book Optics by Miles Klein, updated as a second edition by Klein and Thomas Furtak.

If you want to look at graduate-level texts, try Classical Electrodynamics, John D. Jackson (3rd edition 1999). This is the standard graduate text. Also The Classical Theory of Fields, Lev Landau and Evgeny Lifshitz (1951 and later; the 4th edition is revised substantially) and Electrodynamics of Continuous Media, Lev Landau, Evgeny Lifshitz, and L.P. Pitaevskii (1960 and later). The Landau and Lifshitz texts are at the graduate level, but are readable. You need both to cover all of E&M. 

See the Syllabus and Canvas for full details.

Recordings of the streaming video from the fall of 2020 are available.  See for the videos and for the
fall 2020 schedule. The schedule is about the same as this fall, but it will help with synchronization. 

Zoom sessions from spring 2021 are at .There are MP4s of the lectures and pdfs of what I wrote on the tablet.

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