PHY 7097
Optical Effects in Solids

This course will describe the interaction of electromagnetic radiation in the "optical" part of the spectrum (microwaves, infrared visible, ultraviolet) with matter---metals, superconductors, semiconductors, and insulators . The background ideally needed is a course in electromagnetism, a course in elementary quantum mechanics, and some knowledge of solid state physics.


Class location changed: 2205 NPB (Physics conference room) to meet demand.

First chapter of  "notes" is available. 



Lecture notes. Chapter 1.

Time and place: MWF 5th (11:45-12:35 am) NPB 2205.  (NOT 1200 as stated on the regstrar's list)
PDF text: Optical Properties of Solids, by Frederick Wooten and notes by me.
Instructor: David Tanner
Phone: 392-4718
Office: 2372 NPB
Office hours: TBD

Methods by which students will be evaluated and their grade determined:
Grades will be based on two take-home exams (20% ea), a term paper (30%) and homework (30%). There will be approximately 7 homework assignments.

Other course notes:
All students are required to abide by the Academic Honesty Guidelines of the University of Florida.

Attendance will not be monitored; however, exam questions will mostly come from topics discussed in class.

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