PHY7097: Introduction to String Theory

My aim in this one semester course is to provide a first introduction to string theory for graduate students. This is a very rich subject and there are many approaches to it. In this course I will view string theory as a new way to describe the same physics that quantum field theory describes, as exemplified by the AdS/CFT correspondence. We will not have much time to explore very deeply its other role as a vehicle for the unification of gravity with the other forces of nature.

I expect to spend most of the semester developing string theory in flat space-time, starting with a thorough understanding of physical properties of the tree level scattering amplitudes for the various types of strings. This will lay a firm foundation for the consideration, toward the end of the semester, of curved backgrounds, such as Anti-deSitter space (AdS), which provide the key to understanding quantum field theory in the language of string. Below are links to course information, a syllabus, a convention and formula sheet.

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Please note that an error in prob. 2 of set 2 has been fixed.

A typo, found by Francisco, in the solution for prob. 2 of set 4 has been corrected.

Homework Assignments

  • Problem Set 1, due   1 February 2008,
  • Problem Set 2, due   18 February 2008,
  • Problem Set 3, due   3 March 2008,
  • Problem Set 4, due   24 March 2008, Solution for problem 2: 4 gluon Neveu-Schwarz amplitude
  • Problem Set 5, due   8 April 2008,
  • Problem Set 6/Final Project, due   30 April 2008,
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