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  • Chinese/HK cultures :

  • Chinese News Directory
  • HK Net
  • RTHK, a government funded radio station that still dare to speak with the voice of people.
  • Hong Kong Apple Daily , the most popular (and the youngest) newspaper in Hong Kong.
  • Information, books, etc. :
  • Uncover Database Search
  • The On-line Books Page
  • Musicals :
  • Les Miserables. My favourite songs : On My Own, One Day More.
  • Phantom of the Opera. My favourite songs : The Music Of The Night, All I Ask You (Raoul and Christine)
  • Programming Tools for Scientists :
  • C++/F77

  • NetLib
    Looking for any numerical tools? Go here first.
  • Standard Template Libraries (STL)
    Already a ANSI C++ standard. The library constain most commonly used template class such as vector< T > and common functions such as sort().
  • Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT)
    A NIST C++ template class library that has built-in linear algrebra structures. Matrix multiplication is as easy as A*B. When used with STL, structures like vector< FortranMatrix< complex > > are prossible, it is the right tool physics programmers.
    Must-have linear algrebra library, contain basic operations such as inverse and diagonalizations.
  • BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)
    Basic matrix/vector/scalar +/-/* operators. Should download from the vendor of your machine because this library is CPU specific for optimal performance.
  • Rapid Modeling

  • Matlab. Excellent in the stage when you're still deciding which way to go.

  • Mathematica. Good for symbolic computing.

  • Java :

  • U of Virginia Studying Java Page
  • Shlurrrpp......Java Learning Java ...
  • Review Sites:

  • Digital camera review, the most detail review site of any product I've ever seen.
  • Excelsis. Astronomy review.
  • Cloudy Nights Astronomy review.
  • Car review, try other car magazines as well.
  • c|net Computer review.
  • Science & Tech Sites:

  • Optics2001
  • Friends :

  • Julie's World
  • Colloquy, an internet based high IQ group.>
  • SYSS Astronomy Club/the Star Hunters.
  • The Columbus Astronomy Society.