Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC, April 2002

This is my first ever photo trip, i.e. photography the primary purpose of the trip. I've taken 150+ picture, here're some highlights, hope you would enjoy it.

East Potomac Park

East Potomac Park

Alex in Potomac Park

Cherry Sky

Cherry Sky2

Cherry Mustang

Driving down E Potomac Park Road

Pleasantville Mustang. Here I wanted to re-create the speciall effect of the movie 'Pleasantville'.


Tidal Bay

By the Bridge

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Clusters

Sun light behind Cherry Flower

Tidal Bay

Tidal Bay Zoom


Two monks and their camcorders

Cherry Washington

'Let Me See'

'Let Me See'. It reminds me of a time in the past.


National Mall and its Monuments

Jefferson Memorial

We hold these truths ...

Lincoln Memorial

Gold Statue

National Mall


Sunset in DC

Girl n her dog in front of the Capitol Building

Smithsonian Institute

How high can you fly? The first self-powered plane is hanged permanently at the same height Orville Wright reached in his first flight at Kitty Hawk. (This picture took me a long time to process. I was extremely out of focus in the original.)

Beware of Blast! This is an enhanced color photo of the tail of the first X-15 in Smithsonian Museum. I thought it's irony that jet engine exhaust itself isn't a big enough warning sign.

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