• Temple

  • Hong Kong from the peak, stitched from multiple shots, scroll browser bar to view the right most portion. (2007)

  • The ginger-crash-buffalo-milk I made, smooth and tasty.

  • Firework

  • Cherry Blossom Festival, Tokyo

  • By luck my Japan trip overlapped with the Cherry Blossom peak, click here to visit the trip page.

  • Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC, 2002

  • This my first ever photo trip. The cherry blossom is mesmerizing, click here to visit the trip page.

  • Hayden Fall Hayden Fall

  • Just a few minutes from my home is sanctuary hidden in the city.

  • Some Photos Taken in Fall and Winter 2001

  • Leonids 2001 (peak: ~5am Nov 18)

  • Peak rate about 1000-1500 meteors/hour the at Conkles Hollow, Ohio!

    Two meteors tracing back to the radiation point at the lion's neck.
    Meteor above the smaller tree
    Meteor below Orion

  • Shuttle Mission STS-100 Launch Sequence

  • < ~1 second per frame, taken near Cape Canerval AFB.

    Click here for large animated GIF (2.3 MB).

  • Astronomy Photos

  • All you need is to look above...

    M42 Orion Nebula (200mm/~20min/CUHK)
    Jupiter (9000mm?/~2s?)
    Omega Gobula Cluster (1000mm/15min?/Sai Kong, HK)
    Orion Belt (70mm?/~15min/CUHK)
    Moon (1000mm/~1s?)

  • Hong Kong Victoria Habour (1994)

  • Sunset -- the magical moment
    Night -- not the quiet kind!

  • Downtown San Francisco at Night

  • Downtown San Francisco (google map)from the top the Telegraph Tower. Don't be turned back by the $3 entrance fee, you'll forget about it once you see the view from the top. "To see the end of the horizon, climb up one more floor."

  • A Winter Day in Yosemite

  • Valley in the heaven.


    Some people feel strongly about this picture, some don't.

    I guess it depends on if you're lonely yourself.

    google map

    Royal Arch
    Yosemite Fall

  • San Diego Bay
  • Lake Tahoe : Emerald Bay
  • The color of Emerald Bay is more attractive than that of emerald. Note: the color in this photo is not as good as seen in real life, go see it yourself!

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