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Fermi surface database in 3D using VRML. Fermi surface of 45 elemental solids from Lithium to Thorium. For each element, the VRML and stereographic pictures of the Fermi surfaces are provided. To enter the database, please go to .

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This site has been superceded by the new and permanent site : .

The new site has VRML fermi surfaces of most elemental solids.

Welcome to the 3D Fermi Surface Site! Here, you'll be able to study the Fermi surfaces as if you're holding them!

You'll need a VRML 2.0 browser/plugin. Many VRML plug-ins are freely available on the web. If you can't get one, you can still see the pictures of the Fermi surfaces.

Steps to create the 3D Fermi Surfaces :

  • set up a two-center tight-binding model
  • compute E(kx,ky,kz)
  • run Isosurface program to solve for the k vectors E_F = E(kx,ky,kz)
  • convert the surface to VRML 2.0
  • add user interface
  • [We used to run a in Data Explorer (DX) to generate the VRML file, but we recently found a better way.]

    Note: VRML Fermi surface for hcp structures are not available, but all GIF's are fine.

    Work to be done : (1) Use BZ grid instead of square grid. (2) Include DX program and data files.

    Credicts : Jian Chen, Tat-Sang Choy and Selman Hershfield.

    Download them all! jpeg, VRML.
    Fermi Surfaces of Selected Metals 
    (color denotes velocity in the x-direction)
    Element Spin Crstal Structure GIF (Band) VRML (Band)
    Aluminum  FCC 2,3 2,3
    Chromium  BCC 3,4,5 3,4,5
    Manganesedown BCC 3,4,5 3,4,5
    Ironup BCC 5,6 5,6
    Irondown BCC 3,4 3,4
    Cobaltup HCP 11,12 11,12
    Cobaltdown HCP 7,8,9,10 7,8,9,10
    Cobaltup FCC 6 6
    Cobaltdown FCC 3,4,5 3,4,5
    Nickelup FCC 6 6
    Nickeldown FCC 3,4,5,6 3,4,5,6
    Copper  FCC 6 6
    Silver  FCC 6 6
    Gold  FCC 6 6

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    Last update : 27th May, 1998.

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