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What to expect ?

The *.wrl file in our Fermi Surface site are designed to be viewed on most PC easily. On most Pentium class PC with a accelerator video card, you should be able to rotate the surfaces in real time smoothly. If you don't have 3D acceleration, the motion may not be less smooth.

For small molecular dynamics animations, most PCs can do the job. However, to view large molecular dynamics animations, you'll need a good browser and 64MB+ RAM too. We usually provide more than one version for each simulation so that everyone is happy.

What do you need ?

Software : a VRML 2.0 browser or plugin
Hardware : PC/Mac/Unix Workstations that can run IE or Netscape or VRweb

More Resources for VRML?

The VRML Repository has a list of browsers and plug-ins. My favour browser is the Cosmo Player 2.1, which supports both hardware and software rendering, and is very stable.

Suggestions and Comments? email tschoy@phys.ufl.edu

Last update : 27th May, 1998.

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