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Welcome to the Molecular Dynamics to Vitual Reality Modeling Language Converter (md2vrml) page!

With the freely available VRML 2.0 browsers nowadays, anyone with a PC/MAC system can see your simulations in 3D. (The VRML players on Unix based systems are disappointing, I have luck only on the SGI IRIX with Cosmos player. PLease let me know if you can get VRML with javascript working on any other systems.)

"Md2vrml" is written to convert MD data to VRML format.

It will also add a 3D movie player in your file so that your simulation is interactive. Md2vrml is a converter that coverts the raw atomic trajectories into *.wrl format (VRML 2.0). All you need are a few files that discribe the positions at different time steps, types and sizes or the atoms, and optionally, the bonds. Then run md2vrml to create the VRML file and put it on the web.

To obtain "md2vrml", click here.

See also the README file.

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Last update : 31st Dec, 2001.

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