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A program to establish collaboration between physicists active in research and high school science teachers

Welcome to the Website of the UF QuarkNet center!
Summer 2001 Schedule

QuarkNet is an educational program funded by the National Science Foundation whose aim is to support science education in high schools by establishing a nation-wide science teacher network. It provides opportunities for school science teachers to learn firsthand about frontline physics research in universities, and establishes relationships between science teachers and physics professors at universities.

QuarkNet establishes 12 centers each year over the next five years in universities and laboratories participating in hadron collider experiments at CERN in Switzerland and Fermilab in the US.
During the first year, the center includes two high school teachers who spend the summer working with University faculty members.

The Physics Department at UF is one of the second batch of twelve sites selected as a Quarknet Center. Two High School science teachers from Alachua County spent the summer of 2000 at UF participating in this program. They are:
Vincent Lane of Bucholtz High School (Gainesville)
Gary Blaskowski of Eastside High School (Gainesville).

We are presently planning our second year of Quarknet. This involves up to 10 teachers visiting UF for three weeks (with pay!). If you would like to be one of these teachers, please read our invitation information.
The dates for Summer 2001 are June 11th to June 29th. The mornings will include lecture and discussions on High Energy and other hot topics in physics. The afternoons will involve hands-on research activities.

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  • Contact information:
  • All members of the UF HEE group are involved in quarknet. The main contact for applications to the program is John Yelton
    John Yelton,
    phone (352) 392 8475, e-mail yelton@phys.ufl.edu, homepage
    Darin Acosta,
    phone (352) 846 3144, e-mail acosta@phys.ufl.edu, homepage
    Paul Avery,
    phone (352) 392 9264, e-mail avery@phys.ufl.edu, homepage
    Jaco Konigsberg,
    phone (630) 840 3623, e-mail jaco@phys.ufl.edu,(stationed at Fermilab)
    Andrey Korytov,
    phone (352) 392 3482, e-mail korytov@phys.ufl.edu, homepage
    Guenakh Mitselmakher,
    phone (352) 392 5703, e-mail mitselmakher@phys.ufl.edu, homepage

    Mailing address:
    Physics Department, P.O. Box 118440,
    U. of Florida,
    Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

  • High School Teachers:
  • Vincent Lane,
    phone (352) 955 6702, e-mail XClane@aol.com ,
    Gary Blaskowski,
    phone (352) 955 6704, e-mail afn48505@afn.org

    last updated 21 Dec 2000
    John Yelton