This is the schedule for the Summer 2022 program. The Summer 2023 schedule will be similar to this. Any changes to this schedule will be e-mailed to REU participants. The most current version will always be at .
Summer 2022 Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Week 1
Sat. May 28 -
Sun. May 29
Participants arrive in Gainesville. Check-in Lakeside Apartments, 352-392-1453 .
Sun. May 29
Housing Orientation, Parking passes, dinner, Q & A at Corry Commons Room, Corry Commons Village. If you do not arrive in time for this orientation, you can pick up the material later.
Mon. May 30
St. Augustine Beach Trip - All the summer research program participants will travel by bus to St. Augustine and St. Augusting Beach. Lunch is provided. While this is not required, it is a great opportunity to meet other summer research students and enjoy Memorial Day. Trip sponsored by UF Summer Undergraduate Research at Florida (SURF).
Tue. May 31
8am - 10:30am
Reception and Opening Ceremony in the HPNP (Health Professions Nursing Pharmacy) Auditorium and Atrium. The food and reception will start at 8am in the atrium followed by the SURF and REU Opening Ceremony in the auditorium at 9am. At the end you will receive your Gator 1 Cards. Bring a picture ID and your UFID number.
Tue. May 31
10:30am - 1pm
Our Start of Program Lunch with Mentors - We will walk as a group to the Physics building, you will get keys to your research space, we will go over the program schedule, and then you will have lunch with your mentors. Following that you will start your research! (NPB 2205)
Wed. June 1,
Safety in Research by James Fleetwood College of Engineering Director of Safety in New Engineering Building (NEB) 100. All REU participants must attend. Your mentor may give you additional safety information relating to your laboratory. Lunch will be served at this event sponsored by the SURF program.
Fri. June 3,
1:45 pm
REU Meeting: Tour of Nanoscale Research Facility. Prof. Amlan Biswas will give a brief overview of lithography and other nanofabrication techniques. (NPB 2205) Then we will walk as a group to the UF Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF) for a tour led by Dr. Brent Gilla, NRF Director.
Week 2
Wed. June 8,
12:00 pm
Conducting a Literature Review - Presentation by Prof. Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos in NEB 100. Lunch will be served courtesy of the UF SURF program.
Fri. June 10,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Biophysics - Prof. Juan Guan will give an introduction to biophysics and her research in particular followed by a laboratory tour. (NPB 2205)
Week 3
Fri. June 17
REU Meeting: Tour Microkelvin Laboratory - Prof. Mark Meisel will give a tour of the Microkelvin Laboratory, which is the largest ultra-low temperature laboratory in the world and the only one of its kinds in the United States. Meet in the lobby of the physics building by the demos at 3pm.
Week 4
Mon. June 20
REU Meeting: Short project introductions and preparation for Physics is Fun Show - REU participants will learn about a select group of physics demostrations to be included in a demonstration show later in the week. They will then choose a demo or demos to perform, then practice doing and explaining them. At this meeting REU students will also give a brief (1-2 minute) explanation of their research area and project for the summer. Meet in NPB 1002.
Wed. June 22
REU Meeting: Physics is Fun Show - REU students will do physics demonstrations for high school students who are on campus as part of the Student Science Training Program (SSTP) run by the UF Center for Precollegiate Education and Training. (NPB 1002)
Wed. June 22
Responsible Conduct of Research: Presentation by Dr. Michelle Leonard, Associate University Librarian in NEB 100. Lunch will be served courtesy of the SURF program.
Week 5
Fri. July 1
REU Meeting: Prof. James Hamlin will give a presentation on Materials Discovery followed by a tour of his lab. (NPB 2205)
Week 6
Mon. July 4 Holiday
Fri. July 8,
REU Meeting: HiPerGator Tour - The HiPerGator 3.0 supercomputer was ranked as the 22nd most powerful computer supercomputer in the world and the second among US universities. We will carpool to the Gainesville East Campus to arrive there by 1:30pm.
Week 7
Mon. July 11,
2:00-4:00 pm
Written Communications workshop: In the first part of the workshop the structure of a scientific paper will be covered along with a template that will make writing your final paper easier. In the second part of the workshop you will work individually and in groups to created a detailed outline of your final paper. Obviously, you will not have all your results at this point in time; however, you can still create an outline and start parts of the paper like the introduction, methods, and references now. (note: NPB 2165)
Wed. July 15, 12pm
Graduate Student Experience with current Ph.D., SURF/REU alumni. This is a lunch time seminar in collaboration with the SURF and other REU programs on campus. (NEB 100)
Wed. July 15, 3pm
Physics Coffee and Cookie Time: This is sponsored by the physics department, physics graduate students, and the undergraduate Society of Physics Students. It is a chance to have informal interactions with current graduate students. (NPB 2205)
Week 8
Mon. July 18,
2:00 pm
Written Communications Workshop: In the first part of the workshop the presentation of scientific data, figures, and ethics in science will be discussed with examples. In the second part of the workshop students will bring a draft of the introduction of their final paper for peer and instructor review. (note: NPB 2165)
Fri. July 22,
3 pm
REU Meeting: Career paths - This is a review of the many different career paths that our REU students have taken with an emphasis on non-academic paths. We will discuss what steps to take next depending on where you are now in studies and what you want to do next after the REU program is over. (NPB 2205)
Week 9
Mon. July 25,
2:00 pm
Oral Communications Workshop: Oral communications skills for scientific presentations and communicating science to the public. Examples will be given of both good and bad techniques. (NPB 2205)
Fri. July 29,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Astrophysics research with a presentation and tour from the LIGO group by Prof. Paul Fulda. (NPB 2205)
Fri. July 29 Deadline for submitting the first version of your end-of-project report. This will be done electronically so there is no need to miss the regular REU meeting.
Week 10
Mon. Aug. 1,
2:00 pm
Oral Communications workshop: During this session, you will be expected to deliver the introduction to your final presentation. More detailed instructions will be provided during the first session. (NPB 2205)
Wed. Aug. 3,
1:00 pm
Deadline for submitting final version of end-of-project report. Provide both the original in whatever word processor you are using and a pdf version.
Thur. Aug. 4 Student presentations The times will be scheduled after the communications workshop on Monday. We will not need the entire day. There will be times that the room is open for you to practice if you wish. (NPB 2205)
Thur. Aug. 4 Exit Interviews We will have an informal discussion on ways to improve the program in the future. You will also hand in your building keys, and we will check that all papers and talks have been submitted. (NPB 2205)
Fri. Aug. 5 - Sat. Aug. 6 Leave Gainesville - Students leave Gainesville. The apartments must be vacated by Saturday Aug. 6 at 9am.