Undergraduate Senior Thesis

The Department of Physics strongly encourages undergraduate physics majors to participate in research with one of our faculty members. Seniors are able to submit a thesis documenting their work, allowing them to earn the status of high or highest honors when graduating.

In 2008 we initiated an award for Outstanding Undergraduate Senior Thesis. This award is given in recognition of outstanding research done by an undergraduate student, and comes with a $200.00 cash prize.

Past thesis submissions and award winners may be found on the links to the left.


Student: Noah Steinberg, Thesis title: Muon Neutrino Scattering on Cryogenic Helium at an average E? of 3.7 GeV using the MINER?A Detector, Advisor: Heather Ray

Student: Amanatullah Khan, Thesis title: Reparation and Calibration of Low Temperature Calorimeter for Use in High Magnetic Fields, Advisor: Yasumasa Takano

Noah Steinberg and Amanatullah Khan were awarded the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award for Spring, 2016

Reynier Cruz-Torres was awarded the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award for Spring, 2016


Student: Reynier Cruz-Torres, Thesis title: Charged-Current neutrino interactions in cryogenic liquid Helium, Advisor: Heather Ray