2008 Senior Thesis Submissions

Brett Jackson was awarded the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award for 2008.


Thesis Title

Thesis Advisor

Bradford Barker A Model of the Influence of an External Electric Field Applied to (La1-yPry)1-xCaxMn03 S. Hershfield
Chris Farrell Evaluation of Zbb Background in Relation to Higgs Boson Search A. Korytov
Matt Fisher Supernova Search at MiniBooNE H. Ray
Brett Jackson Validation of the CMS Cathode Strip Track Finder in the Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge D. Acosta
Jaymin Jhaveri Quartz Tuning Fork as a Viscometer for Helium Liquids Y. Lee
Mitchell Lerner Effect of Surface Treatment on Metallic Photon-Emitting Arrays D. Tanner