PHY 2048 Fall 2009

Physics I with Calculus

PHY 2048 "Coordinator"

Rick Field
Rick Field
The PHY 2048 coordinator is
responsible for the following:
  • Maintain the three WEBsites
  • The Overall Course Grades
  • The WileyPLUS Homework
  • The Homework Solutions
  • Organize the Quizzes
  • The Exams & Final

PHY 2048 WEBsites:
There are three PHY2048 WEBsites that you will need to use.

PHY 2048 Textbook:

PHY2048 Textbook

PHY 2048 Lecturers

Guido Mueller
Guido Mueller
Tarek Saab
Tarek Saab

PHY 2048 Lectures (MWF 4 & 5):

PHY 2048 Teaching Assistants

Lex Kemper
Lex Kemper
Chris Mueller
Chris Mueller
Emre Sakarya
Emre Sakarya
Brad Welliver
Brad Welliver
Sean Goldberg
Sean Goldberg
Tomoyuki Nakayama
Tomoyuki Nakayama

PHY 2048 Discussion Sections and Quizzes:

Quiz Schedule
WeekDateQuiz Problem
28/31/09-9/2/09HW Set 1
39/7/09-9/9/09No Quiz
49/14/09-9/16/09HW Set 3
59/21/09-9/23/09HW Set 4
69/28/09-9/30/09HW Set 5
710/5/09-10/7/09HW Set 6
810/12/09-10/14/09HW Set 7
910/19/09-10/21/09HW Set 8
1110/26/09-10/28/09HW Set 9
1211/2/09-11/4/09HW Set 10
1311/9/09-11/11/09No Quiz
1411/16/09-11/18/09HW Set 12
1511/23/09-11/25/09HW Set 13
1611/30/09-12/2/09No Quiz
1712/7/09-12/9/09HW Set 14
There will be no quiz on HW Set 2, HW Set 11, and HW Set 15.

PHY 2048 Exams and Final:

Tentative Exam Schedule (not confirmed yet)
DateTimeExamMaterialRoom Assignments*
Tuesday 9/29/09TBAExam 1Chapter 1-6TBA
Tuesday 10/27/09TBAExam 2Chapter 7-11TBA
Tuesday 12/8/09TBAExam 3Chapter 12-16TBA
Wednesday 12/9/09TBAMake-UpChapter 1-16TBA
Saturday 12/12/098:00pm-10:00pmFinal ExamChapter 1-17TBA
*Room assignments are based on the first letter of your last name.

PHY 2048 On-Line Graded Homework:

WileyPLUS On-Line Homework Schedule
AssignmentDue Date
(by 11:00pm)
HW Set 1Friday August 28Chapters 1 & 2
HW Set 2Friday September 4Chapters 2 & 3
HW Set 3Friday September 11Chapters 4
HW Set 4Friday September 18Chapters 5
HW Set 5Friday September 25Chapter 6
HW Set 6Friday October 2Chapter 7 & 8
HW Set 7Friday October 9Chapter 8 & 9
HW Set 8Friday October 16Chapter 10
HW Set 9Friday October 23Chapter 11
HW Set 10Friday October 30Chapter 12
HW Set 11Friday November 6Chapter 13
HW Set 12Friday November 13Chapter 14
HW Set 13Friday November 20Chapter 14 & 15
HW Set 14Friday December 4Chapter 15 & 16
HW Set 15Wednesday December 9Chapter 17

PHY 2048 Student Response System - HITT Grade:

  • In class student participation using the HITT student response system will be used in every lecture.
  • In class HITT responses will begin to count towards your course grade starting on on Monday August 31, 2009, but you should get your remotes sooner for practice questions that will help you to become familiar with the system before the questions starting counting toward your grade.
  • The transmitter will let you respond to questions posed during class. Your response will be recorded. Simply responding will get you 1 point credit for the question while responding correctly will get you 2 points credit.
  • To get credit you must register on the system (see the instructions in the syllabus).
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your remote is functioning properly and that you are sending on the correct channel (see the instructions for setting the remote channel). It is recommended that you set the channel at the start of each lecture.
  • To provide a measure of forgiveness for unavoidable missed classes and for problems with the HITT transmitter, 20% of the HITT problems will be dropped in evaluating your final grade.
  • Your HITT grade will count as 5% of your overall course grade.

PHY 2048 Overall Course Grades:

Grading Procedure
Exam 115%
Exam 215%
Exam 315%
Final Exam15%
*10% will be dropped.
**20% will be dropped.
Grading Scale (fixed)
A≥ 85
A-≥ 78
B+≥ 71
B≥ 65
B-≥ 58
C+≥ 51
C≥ 45
C-≥ 42
D+≥ 38
D≥ 35
D-≥ 30
E< 30
  • A formula for estimating your overall course grade is here.

PHY2048 E-Learning WEBsite:

  • The lectures notes, quiz grades, homework grades, and estimated course grades will be posted on the PHY2048 E-Learning WEBsite.

How to Succeed in PHY2048:

  • It is expected that a successful student will invest at least twelve hours studying and problem-solving per week outside of class. Do not expect a good grade if you are not prepared to work this much.
  • Read the assigned chapters before coming to lecture. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized.
  • Work as many problems as possible on a weekly basis; the assigned (graded) problems represent the minimum recommended set. Go to instructor's and discussion leaders' office hours for individual help (this can be highly effective and should be regarded as free tutoring; make use of it!). To maximize the availability of this help you can go to any Instructor or Section Leader's office hours.
  • Keep up on a regular basis; cramming doesn't work for learning physics.
  • This course is designed to make you a good "problem solver". Learn to solve the problems. Don't spend your time looking for a formula to plug into. Derive the correct formula for the problem you are working on using the general formulas. This is a difficult course, but if you work hard and learn to be a good "problem solver" it will help you in all your future endeavors!

Rick Field - August 22, 2009