Project must be chosen by 5:00pm on 9/14/20.

An IOP latex template file, with instructions, can be found at iopjnl2e.tar.gz

Students must meet with me by 5:00pm on 9/21/20 to discuss a reading list for their respective projects.

A resource I find more useful than the arXiv for searching is inSpire.

Students should have a preliminary outline for their project by 10/02/20.

Students should have a preliminary version of their manuscript by 11/16/20,
so that it can be reviewed before Thanksgiving.

Students should have a final version of their manuscript by 12/09/20 (last day of class).

Final presentations for student projects will take place during 12/14-18/20.

Presentation Schedule

12/14/20 2:00pm
Spinning Black Hole Binaries: The Effective One Body approach
Sourath Ghosh
12/14/20 2:30pm
The Initial Value Formulation of General Relativity
Daniel Brotherton
12/14/20 3:00pm
Gravitational Waves - Sources and Rates for LIGO
Tanmaya Mishra
12/14/20 3:30pm
A Review of Black Hole Stability
John Rotter
12/14/20 4:00pm
The Theory of Inflation and Axions
Alex Hipp

12/15/20 2:00pm
Experimental Tests of General Relativity
Fatemeh Taherasghari
12/15/20 2:30pm
Numerical Relativity and Methods
Daniel George
12/15/20 3:00pm
Holographic Theory, and Emergent Gravity as an Entropic Force
Liu Tao
12/15/20 3:30pm
Cosmological Application of Holographic Principle
LingQin Xue
12/15/20 4:00pm
Gravity in Large Scale Structure Formation
Huanbo Sun

12/17/20 2:00pm
Post-Newtonian Theory
Jinye Yang
12/17/20 2:30pm
Discrepancies in the Measurement of Hubble Constant
Shubhagata Bhaumik
12/17/20 3:00pm
Black Hole Thermodynamics
Analis Evans Lawrence
12/17/20 3:30pm
Primordial Gravitational Waves: Theory and Detection
Farshad Kamalinejad