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Please click the icons in the partial periodic table above to see the Fermi surfaces of individual elements. To get help on the interactive VRML controls, click here.


  • Please also visit the Stereo3D and Java3D Fermi surface page.
  • To see the poster we use in APS March meeting to explain the method we used, download the file chart.pdf (612KB). Click here to see pictures of actual use of stereographics glasses to view the Fermi Surface.
  • The Periodic Table of the Fermi Surfaces of Elemental Solids is available in HTML format (610kB) and PDF format (for printing, 2.7MB, 3'x4' poster or shink to fit page.).
  • If you want to see a lot of the Fermi surfaces, please read Site download instructions, they're much faseter/more convenient.
  • To cite our work:
    1. http://www.phys.ufl.edu/fermisurface/
    2. T.-S. Choy, J. Naset, J. Chen, S. Hershfield, and C. Stanton. A database of fermi surface in virtual reality modeling language (vrml). Bulletin of The American Physical Society, 45(1):L36 42, 2000.
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  • Credicts:
  • Tat-Sang Choy (Alex)
  • Jeffery Naset
  • Jian Chen
  • Selman Hershfield
  • Chris Stanton

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  • The Old Fermi Surface Page
  • Physics Department
  • University of Florida

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  • Physical Science Information Gateway
  • Science Magazine NetWatch (Note: The work on this site was performed at the UF.)
  • (Book) Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity
  • Last time I checked, there are more than 400 sites linking to this page, see the following for more detail: search for link:http//www.ufl.edu/fermisurface in Yahoo!
    External Links:
  • DFT Fermi surface page by C. Lehmann, S. Sinning, P. Zahn, H. Wonn, I. Mertig, Dresden. Their data is computed using density functional theory, with Fermi velocity and spdf-character projection. If transport properties are your concern, spdf-cahracters would likely be useful.

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