Fermi Surfaces in Stereo3D and Java3D

It is possible to see the Fermi surface in stereo 3D with the help of a pair of 3D shutter glasses and a Java3D program we wrote. If you don't have 3D shutter glasses, the following pictures should give you an idea of the Fermi surfaces in stereo 3D. However, with shutter glasses you'll be able to view the Fermi surface in full screen. Also, the Java3D code allows interaction as well.

Example : Fermi surface of Chromium :

Band 3 : yellow (small lenses inside violet surface)
Band 4 : violet
Band 5 : bluish green

The optimal separation between the left and the right pictures varies from person to person and depends very much on the setting of your graphics display. So, please choose one that's suitable for you, starting from the smallest pictures.

To see the stereo effect, move your eye closer to the monitor until the left image of your left eye overlap with the right image of your right eye (the images are out of focus; you should see 3 images, the center one is overlapped). Then try to focus on the overlapped image, and slowly move away from the screen until the overlapped image is clear, you should see a 3D image that "pops out" of the screen.

You may want to change the resolution of your monitor to adjust the size of the pictures for most comfortable stereo viewing.

To use the Java program, you need to download
  • SUN's Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) or Java Development Tool Kit (JDK) 1.2 or above
  • SUN's Java3D or Java3D for DirectX 6.1 (it is a separate package from JRE or JDK)
  • download Fermi.class (main program), or download and compile Fermi.java
  • Fermi.cfg (configuration file)
  • and the particular VRML files in the vrml directory, then change the file names from *.wrl to *.wrl.gz, then gunzip them (or run ZIP in windows) in the same directory as Fermi.class and Fermi.cfg.
  • To run :

    Suppose you downloaded and unzipped the files cr2.wrl, cr3.wrl, and cr4.wrl :
  • no stereo graphics : java -classpath .;%CLASSPATH% Fermi cr4.wrl cr3.wrl cr2.wrl
  • with stereo graphics :
  • Stereo graphics support using Interlaced Mode : Some PC or old stereographics systems, such as the Elsa 3D Revelator, uses interlaced mode to for stereographics :

    java -classpath .;%CLASSPATH% -Dj3d.fullscreen=PREFERRED Fermi cr4.wrl cr3.wrl cr2.wrl, Set the dsplay so the the monitor is in INTERLACED mode. (start with the video adaptor setting like 640x480, 16bit color, 100Hz or higher) Make sure your monitor support the frequency (most monitors do), otherwise the monitor may be damaged).

  • Stereo graphics support using Stero Mode : High-ended workstations that uses stereo mode (e.g. Sun Elite 3D). In this case, you have to find out the command to set the system in stereo display mode. Therun the program as :

    java -classpath .;%CLASSPATH% -Dj3d.stereo=PREFERRED Fermi cr4.wrl cr3.wrl cr2.wrl

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