High Energy Physics Seminars
Spring 2020

The Physics Department's High Energy Physics Seminars are normally held once a week,
on Fridays (or Tuesday), at 1:45pm in 2165 New Physics Building.

Seminar organizer: Pierre Ramond , Wei Xue , Jordan Smolinsky
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Friday (or Tuesday)
January 10
Friday (or Tuesday)
January 17
Friday (or Tuesday)
January 24
January 31
Jordan Smolinsky, UF; "Dark Sunshine: Detecting Captured Dark Matter with a Dark Photon"
February 7
Lars Brink, Chalmers Univ. of Tech.; "Hadronic Strings - a revisit in the shade of Moonlight"
February 14
Lars Brink, Chalmers Univ. of Tech.; "Hidden Symmetries in Gravity and Supergravity"
February 21
Bin Xu, UF; "An Asymmetric Tribimaximal Texture"
Friday (or Tuesday)
February 28
Friday (and Tuesday)
March 6
Spring Break
March 13
Riccardo Penco, Carnegie Mellon University; (CANCELLED)
March 20
Moinul Rahat, UF; "A T_13 family symmetry model for quarks and leptons"; Zoom Link
Friday (or Tuesday)
March 27
April 3
Ariel Arza , Moscow State University; TBA
April 7
Anson Hook, University of Maryland; (CANCELLED)
Friday (or Tuesday)
April 17
Friday (or Tuesday)
May 1
Note: Exams
Friday (or Tuesday)
May 8