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Undergraduate Student Awards 2019

On May 3, 2019 physics undergraduate students were presented the following awards in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments at the Spring 2019 graduation celebration.  Awards were presented by Undergraduate Coordinator, Katia Matcheva.


sean-deyoSean Deyo (advisor Selman Hershfield) is recipient of the Outstanding Thesis Award and Academic Excellence Award.  “Sean is a double major of Physics and Mathematics and has made implacable record in both majors. In the words of his teachers “He stands out in class with his quiet, but attentive intellectual presence. It is challenging to challenge him, as he always comes up with a very logical solution to the problems.” Sean has been working with Professor Selman Hershfield on his thesis entitled, Boundary Effects on Orbital Magnetism of Graphene. He was recently awarded the University Scholars Fellowship and is graduating with “Highest Honors.” He will be pursuing his academic path in physics in Cornell University.” -Undergraduate Advisor, Katia Matcheva.


John Koptur-Palenchar (advisor Mark Meisel) is recipient of the Outstanding Thesis Award.  


daniel-allyDaniel Ally is recipient of the Student Leadership Award.   “Daniel is a Double Major in Physics and Mathematics and is President of the UF chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). Daniel has impressive organizational skills:  the ability to keep a very active social profile in the Physics Department, together with the heavy load of two time-demanding majors as Physics and Mathematics, and graduating with honors, these are very impressive accomplishments.  What strikes me most, though, is his care and concern for his fellow students.  Daniel approaches his role as President of the SPS with passion and dedication. He has collaborated with faculty to provide and advertise GRE prep courses for physics majors and lobbied on behalf of all undergraduate students for new courses, worked with the Department to ensure that students can attend conferences.  This spring Daniel coordinated public outreach activities, including the  “Science Day Fair” at Depot Park in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. These events require a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Daniel will pursue physics at the University of Tennessee.”  – Katia Matcheva, Undergraduate Coordinator.


Sophia Bergmann (not pictured) is recipient of the Student Leadership Award.  “Sophia is a double major in Physics and Aerospace Engineering, with a lot of passion for community work when it comes to organize outreach events or to help fellow physics students. She did not start as a physics major, however, she grew into our Physics family and became synonymous with the Society of Physics Students. If you really want to find Sophia, just stop by at the “Cookie and Coffee Time” and you will see her engineering the perfect cookies.  She has worked tirelessly to organize the numerous events around the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and we are looking forward to another great year ahead of us.” -Undergraduate Coordinator, Katia Matcheva.


Jonathan Gordon (not pictured) is recipient of the Academic Excellence Award.  “Jonathan is a double major graduating with a BS degree in two very challenging fields, Physics and Mathematics with exceptional academic performance. During his studies at UF, he has impressed his professors with his commitment to excellence and remarkable creativity. This nomination comes from Professor Richard Woodard who states, “Jonathan has real talent and I guarantee that he will do well in any graduate school because he is already blowing away graduate physics and math courses here at the University of Florida.”  -Undergraduate Coordinator, Katia Matcheva.


Physics undergraduate graduating class


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