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Sujata Krishna recipient of Rising Star Award

Congratulations to UF Physics Lecturer, Sujata Krishna, one of the recipients of UF’s Center for Teaching Excellence 2019 Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Awards recognize faculty for their commitment to ongoing educational improvements and excellence. Rising Star faculty participate in professional development of teaching activities through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Sujata Krishna

“Dr. Sujata Krishna joined the University of Florida in Fall 2018 and enjoys interacting with students inside and outside the class.  She has had the opportunity to teach a variety of classes such as large courses in a traditional auditorium, smaller classes, online lecture and lab courses.  Sujata likes to engage students in classroom conversation and encourages students to participate, even when they might only have an educated guess.  Student participation keeps the learning active and brings to light any misconceptions.  She keeps her course content exciting and current by including hot-off-the-press physics in a simplified way.”

Source:  UF Center for Teaching Excellence

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