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Sophia Bergmann

Physics undergraduate student receives CLAS Excellence Award

Sophia Bergmann, a UF Physics undergraduate student, has been named one of three graduating seniors to receive the fourth annual College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Excellence Award.  CLAS initiated these awards in 2017, given out in a variety of categories including undergraduate, to those who embody the college’s standards of excellence.

This spring, Sophia will graduate with two BS degrees, Physics and Aerospace Engineering. The purpose of the dual majors is to facilitate her career goal in advanced spacecraft propulsion (yes, she wants to be a rocket scientist!).  During her summer semesters, Sophia conducted research at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the High Power Electric Propulsion Laboratory at Georgia Tech, the Space Vehicles Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Plasma Dynamics Modeling Laboratory at Texas A&M.  Though UF does not have active research in this area, Sophia crafted her own program from two challenging majors and plans to pursue doctoral studies in aerospace engineering.

Congratulations Sophia on this well-deserved award!

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