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Parker Project 8

Carolyn Beatrice Parker Elementary students share projects

Carolyn Parker
Carolyn Beatrice Parker

Born in Gainesville, Florida, Carolyn Beatrice Parker was a physicist who worked on the Dayton Project, the plutonium research and development arm of the Manhattan Project.  Parker taught at Lincoln High School in Gainesville after graduating magnum cum laude from Fisk University with a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1938. Parker is the first African-American woman known to have gained a postgraduate degree in physics. In August 2020, J.J. Finley Elementary School in Gainesville was officially renamed the Carolyn Beatrice Parker Elementary School.

As part of Women in Science Day, the following Carolyn Beatrice Parker projects were provided by Ms. Zita Segarra’s 5th Grade class at Carolyn Beatrice Parker Elementary.


Parker Project 1

Project:  Carolyn Beatrice Parker, the unrecognised physicist
By: Anabella Moncada Alfonzo


Parker Project 2

Project:  Carolyn B. Parker 
By: Bryson McKnight


Parker Project 3

Project:  Carolyn B. Parker
By: Jiahn Park


Parker Project 4

Project: Carolyn B. Parker 
By: Jiyul Park


Parker Project 5

Project:  Carolyn B. Parker
By: Cielle A. Ksstentini,


Parker Project 6

Project: Carolyn B. Parker
By: Savannah Sweger

Parker Project 7

Project: Carolyn Beatrice Parker 
By: Ella Walther

Parker Project 8

Project:  Carolyn Beatrice Parker 1917-1966
By: Jonuel

Parker Project 9

Project:  The Story of Carolyn B. Parker
By: Henry Kaufman


Parker Project 10Project: The Story Of Carolyn Beatrice Parker
By: Scarlett Sweger


Parker Project 11
Project: Carolyn Beatrice Parker
By: Esther Thompson


Parker Project 12

Project: Carolyn Beatrice Parker
By: Lahna Sanchez


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