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Peter Hirschfeld

Peter Hirschfeld wins the John Bardeen Prize

Professor Peter Hirschfeld is one of three winners of the 2022 John Bardeen Prize. The Bardeen Prize honors theoretical work in the field of superconductivity. The citation for the three winners, Jörg Schmalian, Mohit Randeria, and Peter Hirschfeld, reads,

“For pioneering theoretical work that has provided significant insights on the nature of superconductivity, its realization in strongly correlated systems, and experimental probes of unconventional superconductors.”

Peter, in particular, is recognized for “elucidating the roles of electronic structure effects in unconventional superconductors, and for developing key insights connecting the nature of unconventional superconducting gaps to transport, penetration depth, and scanning tunneling microscopy experiments.”  The John Bardeen Prize was established in 1991 by the organizers of the International Conference on the Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity (M2S). It is sponsored by the University of Illinois and carries a monetary award.

Congratulations to Peter on this well deserved award!

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