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‘Ghostly’ Particles Lead to Major Physics Discovery

Source: CLAS News

Image: One of two magnetic focusing horns that produces intense neutrino beams for MINERvA experiments. Photo: Reidar Hahn, Fermilab.

Scientists from MINERvA, a collaborative experiment designed to study some of the most vexing puzzles in physics, revealed a groundbreaking new way to view protons. The discovery, published today(opens in new tab) as the cover story in the world’s leading scientific journal Nature, is sending shock waves through the physics community. It’s a culmination of MINERvA’s collective expertise of nearly 70 scientists from 24 institutions, including UF’s own Neutrino Research Group.

“Discovery of this new technique to study protons highlights the groundbreaking results that can occur when you apply creative thinking and problem-solving in your work,” said experimental particle physicist Heather Ray, who has led the research group at UF since 2007.  Read More ->



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