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Physics Graduate Students receive UF Graduate School Teaching Awards

Photo (L to R)  Loida Del Rio Rosado, Sam Dillon, and Christos Litos

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) make a major, impactful contribution to teaching and learning at the University of Florida. Each academic year, the UF Graduate School recognizes the most industrious and innovative among them with the Graduate Student Teaching Awards (GSTA) to applaud their work as instructors in classrooms and laboratories across campus.

Congratulations to physics graduate students Sam Dillon, Christos Litos, and Loida Del Rio Rosado who came highly recommended by their teaching supervisors and received the GSTA for 2023-2024.

Sam Dillon and Loida Del Rio Rosado lab TAs (recommender Bob DeSerio):

Sam and Loida excel as lab TAs, consistently fulfilling their duties with precision. They are punctual, always prepared, and engage actively with students, fostering a comfortable learning environment. Loida often arrives early to complete additional tasks, while Sam’s humor adds levity to the atmosphere. Both efficiently handle administrative tasks such as grading and promptly assist fellow TAs when needed. Their contributions significantly enhance the lab experience for students, making them invaluable assets to the department.

Christos Litos discussion TA (recommender Professor Siyao Xu):

Christos Litos demonstrates exceptional dedication to student support. He goes above and beyond by providing individualized assistance outside of office hours, offering tailored questions to address diverse needs. Chris organizes specialized discussion sessions, such as on dimensional analysis, which significantly aids students in problem-solving. His comprehensive chapter reviews are not only engaging but also invaluable resources for future instructors. Chris earns the highest recommendation for his outstanding contributions to the course.






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