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Graduate Awards

Tom A. Scott Memorial Award

The Scott Memorial Award is given annually to a senior graduate student in experimental physics who has shown distinction in research. The fund was endowed by family, friends and colleagues of Professor Tom A. Scott. Prof. Scott made significant contributions to the Department both as a Chair and as a noted researcher.

Charles F. Hooper Jr. Memorial Award

This award is made annually to senior graduate students in physics who have shown distinction in research and/or teaching. The Award honors the memory of Professor Charles (“Chuck”) Hooper who made seminal contributions to the Department as a Chair, as a distinguished researcher, and as a beloved mentor/teacher.

The E. Raymond Andrew Memorial Award

The Raymond Andrew award is given to a senior graduate student in physics for distinction in research. This award honors Professor Raymond Andrew who was world-renowned physicist particularly noted for his seminal contributions to the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Professor Andrew was a Graduate Research Professor in the Department from 1983 until 1998.

The Wayne R. Bomstad II Memorial Awards

The Bomstad Award is given annually to two graduate Teaching Assistants who have displayed excellence in teaching in either the laboratory or the discussion sections. The awards honor the memory of Wayne Bomstad, who was for some years an important member of the graduate student teaching team. The fund was endowed by family and friends of Wayne.

Steigleman Family Endowment

The Steigleman fund provides fellowships for graduate research in theoretical astrophysics in the UF Physics Department.

Dr. Emmanuel and Dora G. Partheniades Physics Award

The Partheniades Endowed Fund supports a doctoral candidate or postdoctoral fellow pursuing the development of non-polluting (green) energy technology. Emmanuel Partheniades was a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UF.


The competition for these awards is announced each year.  Contact the Graduate Coordinator for further details.