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Fall 2023 Courses

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Undergraduate Courses

IDS 2935Energy and SocietyStewart
IDS 2935Universe HumanityMcGill
PHY 2004Applied Physics 1Bartos
PHY 2004 onlineApplied Physics 1 online McGill
PHY 2004LApplied Physics 1 LabParks / DeSerio
PHY 2020 onlineIntro Physics onlineShahin
PHY 2048Physics w/ Calc 1Zhang, X / Chang
PHY 2048LPhysics w/ Calc 1 LabParks / DeSerio
PHY 2049Physics w/ Calc 2Korytov / Yelton
PHY 2049LPhysics w/ Calc 2 Lab Parks / DeSerio
PHY 2053Physics 1Biswas / McGill
PHY 2053 onlinePhysics 1 onlineLaw
PHY 2053LPhysics 1 LabParks / DeSerio
PHY 2054Physics 2Saab / Krishna
PHY 2054 onlinePhysics 2 onlineKrishna
PHY 2054LPhysics 2 Lab Parks / DeSerio
PHY 2060Enriched Physics 1Hershfield
PHY 2061Enriched Physics 2Laroche
PHY 3101 Intro to Modern PhysicsRay / Zhang, XX
PHY 3221Mechanics 1Houtz
PHY 3323Electromagnetism 1Meisel
PHY 3513Thermal PhysicsTakano
PHY 3513Thermal PhysicsSullivan
PHY 4222Mechanics 2Sikivie
PHY 4324 Electromagnetism 2Lee
PHY 4424Optics 1Dror
PHY 4604Intro Quantum Mechanics 1Xue, W
PHY 4802LLaboratory Physics 1Rinzler
PHY 4802LLaboratory Physics 1Fulda
PHY 4803LLaboratory Physics 2Furic / Guan
PHY 4905Learning Assistants ProgramKrishna
PHZ 3113Intro to Theoretical PhysicsXue, B
PHZ 4390Intro Particle PhysicsKlimenko

Graduate Courses

PHY 6246Classical MechanicsAndrews
PHY 6346Electromag Theory 1Woodard
PHY 6645Quantum Mechanics 1Muttalib
PHZ 6426Solid State 1Stanton
PHZ 6648Quantum Field Theory 1
PHZ 7429Phases of Condensed MatterWang