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Spring 2020 Courses

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Undergraduate Courses

PHY 2004Applied Physics 1McGill
PHY 2004LApplied Physics 1 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2005Applied Physics 2Krishna
PHY 2005L Applied Physics 2 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2005 onlineApplied Physics 2 OnlineKrishna
PHY 2005L onlineApplied Physics 2 Lab OnlineKrishna
PHY 2020Intro to PhysicsYelton
PHY 2020 onlineIntro to Physics OnlineIngersent
PHY 2048Physics with Calc 1Acosta / Hagen / Hamlin
PHY 2048LPhysics with Calc 1 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2049Physics with Calc 2Korytov / Mueller
PHY 2049LPhysics with Calc 2 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2053Physics 1McGill / Rinzler
PHY 2053LPhysics 1 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2054Physics 2Avery / Weatherford
PHY 2054LPhysics 2 LabParks/DeSerio
PHY 2054 OnlinePhysics 2 OnlineWeatherford
Physics 2054L OnlinePhysics 2 Lab OnlineWeatherford
PHY 2060Enriched Physics 1Hershfield
PHY 2061Enriched Physics 2Lee
PHY 3063Enriched Physics 4Saab
PHY 3101Modern PhysicsStewart
PHY 3101Modern PhysicsTanner
PHY 3221Mechanics 1Matcheva
PHY 3323Electromagnetism 1Laroche
PHY 3513Thermal PhysicsHebard
PHY 4222Mechanics 2Klimenko
PHY 4324Electromagnetism 2Takano
PHY 4523Statistical PhysicsSullivan
PHY 4604Intro to Quantum Mechanics 1Ramond
PHY 4605Intro to Quantum Mechanics 2Muttalib
PHY 4802LLaboratory Physics 1Furic
PHY 4803LLaboratory Physics 2Ray / Fulda
PHY 4905 - LALearning Assistant Program in PhysicsKrishna / McGill
PHZ 4404Intro to Solid StateStanton
PHZ 4710Intro to BiophysicsMeisel

Graduate Courses

PHY 6347Electromag Theory 2Maslov
PHY 6536Statistical Mechanics 1Wang
PHY 6646Quantum Mechanics 2Sikivie
PHZ 7357Particle Physics 2Mitselmakher
PHZ 7359Standard Model 2Thorn
PHZ 7427Solid State 2Zhang
PHZ 7429Phases of Condensed MatterHirschfeld
PHY 7097Modern AstrophysicsBartos

Seminar Courses

PHY 6920Department Colloquium
PHZ 6391Astrophysics Seminar
PHZ 6392Particle Physics Seminar
PHZ 6493Condensed Matter Seminar