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Cryogenic Services

The Cryogenic Services Facility is part of the Department of Physics at the University of Florida. We provide Cryogens (Liquid Helium and Nitrogen) to the Research labs in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Materials Sciences and the McKnight Brain Institute. We are also an engineering support service for the labs as an information resource.

CryoNet – Quasi-real-time liquid helium level and recovery data.
Systems – Status and information on the various lab related building systems.
Reports – Monthly, annual and various reports on cryogen use.
Info – Help, Instructions and Descriptions.
FAQ – frequently asked questions.

Order Helium – On-line Liquid Helium Request Form.

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Greg Labbe
Greg Labbe
Director of Cryogenic Services
John Graham
John Graham
Engineering Tech, Sr
Physics Building
Ground Floor
Room B-125
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM