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Exam Announcements

Summer 2021

Qualifying Final
Rebika Makaju
May 14, 3:30pm via Zoom
Coulomb Drag between quantum wires in quasi-1D regime
Chair: Dominique Laroche
Xunwu Zuo
June 18, 10:00am via Zoom
A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying into two Muons in the Vector Boson Associated Production Mode at the CMS Experiment
Chair: Darin Acosta
Nik Menendez
June 7, 2:30pm via Zoom
Search for low mass Z prime in W? 3? + ?
decays using the CMS detector at the LHC
Chair: Andrey Korytov
Co-Chair: Darin Acosta
Prachi Sharma
June 24, 10:00am via Zoom
Dynamical Response Functions of Interacting Fermionic Systems
Chair: Dmitrii Maslov
Alex Roman
June 8, 12:00pm via Zoom
Finding New Physics with Voronoi Tessellations and by Moving Earth
Chair: Konstantin Matchev
Mohammad Sayeb
June 28, 3:00pm via Zoom
Study of Supermassive Black Hole Systems in a Cosmological Framework
Chair: Laura Blecha

Neha Rawal
June 9, 9:00am via Zoom
Higgs mass measurement using H->ZZ->4l decay channel with CMS at vs=13TeV-14TeV
Chair: Andrey Korytov
Co-Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher
Swapnil Yadav
July 1, 8:00am via Zoom
Random Matrix Theory and Transport in Mesoscopic Disordered Systems
Chair: Khandker Muttalib
Ioannis Michaloliakos
July 2, 12:00pm, via Zoom
Contributions to future detections of a gravitational-wave background
Chair: Bernard Whiting
Yaqi Han
June 29, 3:00pm via Zoom
Quantum Properties of the Axion Dark Matter Fluid and Their Implications for Observations
Chair: Pierre Sikivie
Andrew Davis
July 23, 3:00pm via Zoom
Non-Fermi liquid physics in Yukawa-SYK models
Chair: Yuxuan Wang
Sunil Thapa
July 6, 9:00am, via Zoom
Magneto-Optical Control and Probing of Electrons, Phonons, and Spins in Semiconductor Heterostructures: A Computational Study
Chair: Chris Stanton
Keegan Gunther
August 12
Chair: Yoonseok lee
Alex Schachtner
July 22, 10:30am via Zoom
Directed Drying and De-Suspension of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Thin Films for OLED Applications
Chair: Andrew Rinzler
Aneesh S.
August 18, 10:00am via Zoom
SMBH growth and AGN feedback in simulations of idealized galaxies with multiphase ISM
Chair: Laura Blecha
Bhargav Joshi
July 23, 1:00pm via Zoom
Search for Tau Lepton Decays to Three Muons
Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher
Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov