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Exam Announcements

Fall 2020

Qualifying ExamFinal Exam
Harrison Coombes
October 6, 2:00pm via Zoom
Simulating the Condensed Matter Response of the SuperCDMS HVeV Dark Matter Detector
Chair: Tarek Saab
Jasdeep Sidhu
September 9, 3:15pm via Zoom
A study of Kondo physics and unconventional superconductivity in inhomogeneous electronic systems
Chair: Kevin Ingersent
Nathaniel Strauss
October 8, 4:00pm via Zoom
Unitarity and antipodal identification in black hole spacetimes
Chair: Bernard Whiting
Sourav Raha
September 28, 4pm via Zoom
String Bits at Finite Temperature
Chair: Charles Thorn
Vladimir Martinez
November 20, 3:00pm via Zoom
Infrared studies of shallow thermal donors and dilute impurities in high-purity silicon
Chair: David Tanner
Joseph McNeil
November 2, 2:00pm via Zoom
Branching Ratio Measurements of ?0C Decays Using Amplitude Analysis Techniques at Belle and Belle II
Chair: John Yelton
Shinibali Bhattacharyya
November 6, 12:00pm via Zoom
Effects of Electronic Correlations on Physical Properties of Unconventional Superconductors
Chair: Peter Hirschfeld