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Exam Announcements

Spring 2020

Maher Yazback
February 14, 10:00am in 2260 NPB
Study of a Quasi-1D Quantum Magnet
Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng
Swapnil Yadav
February 27, 10:00am in 2260 NPB
Riemann-Hilbert problem for generalized Muttalib-Borodin ensemble
Chair: Khandker Muttalib
Taylor Miller
March 17, 10:00am in 2011 NPB
Identification of the Activation States of the Vibrio fischeri Quorum Sensing Network
Chair: Steve Hagen
Kyung-hwan Lee
March 31, 1:00pm via Zoom
Radio flares from BNS merger
Chair: Imre Bartos