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Exam Announcements

Spring 2021

Qualifying Final
Yanbo Guo
January 28, 11:15am via Zoom
Magnetism of the new spin-1/2 antiferromagnet Sr21Bi8Cu2(CO3)2O41
Chair: Yasumasa Takano
Alex Weaver
March 24, 9am, via Zoom
Investigating Limits on Gravitational Wave Detection by Laser Interferometry Using
Hermite-Gauss Mode Representations of Paraxial Light Propagation
Chair: Guido Mueller
Guanzhi Li
February 17, 3:00pm via Zoom
Hydrogen Release in Semiconductor
Chair: Xiaoguang Zhang
Dustin Tracy
March 24, 4:05pm via Zoom
The Implementation of QM/MM Non-Adiabatic Dynamics Using AMBER and NEXMD
Chair: Adrian Roitberg
Arun Madhu
February 25, 11:00am via Zoom
Search for the lepton flavor violating neutrinoless decay r -> 3µ in proton-proton collisions at v s = 13-14 TeV
Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher
Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov
Ivan Ishkov
April 20, 10:00am via Zoom
Environmental Triggers of LrgA Expression in Streptococcus mutans and Competence Regulation in Biofilm
Chair: Stephen Hagen
Dazhi Wang
March 30, 9:00am via Zoom
Measurements of the properties of Lambda_c(2625) baryon
Chair: John Yelton
Yefan Tao
April 20, 12:00pm via Zoom
Search for the Dark Photon at Belle Experiment
Chair: John Yelton
Atul Divakarla
April 26, 7:00am via Zoom
Memory Effects in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Chair: Bernard Whiting
Tyler Reynolds
May 4, 10:00am via Zoom
A Measurement of the Ionization Yield at Sub-keV Recoil Energies in Silicon
Chair: Tarek Saab